Fascinating Books for Gold Speculators

Here’s How To Learn More about the Best Way To Invest in Gold…
By Dr. Steve Sjuggerud, Advisory Panelist, Investment U

Let me share two web sites and books I particularly like: The World Gold Council has a lot of excellent resources. For financial information, charts, news and more, Kitco is fantastic. I visit its Web site almost every day.

As for gold books, there isn’t much out there that’s good (most of it is gloom and doom stuff…). However, if you’re considering buying coins, I highly recommend Coin Collecting For Dummies by Ron Guth, so you can learn all the lingo and avoid the common mistakes. I really enjoyed the book The Power of Gold: The History of an Obsession by Peter Bernstein. It never tells you what to buy; it’s more like a fascinating gold history book told in story form.

If you enjoy speculating in gold futures and mining stocks you may enjoy reading these books:

A Passion For Gold: An AutobiographyA Passion For Gold: An Autobiography  by Ralph J. Roberts.
"Ralph J. Roberts has found that a devotion to family and geology can lead to a life well lived and he relates the story of his life well in A Passion For Gold. Roberts spent 44 years with the United States Geological Survey and after retiring, became a private consultant. His most important discovery was the Carlin-type gold deposit. The reader with a non-geologic background will want access to a copy of the Glossary of Geology to help with the few technical sections included in the book."

Hard Road West: History and Geology along the Gold Rush TrailHard Road West: History and Geology along the Gold Rush Trail by KH Meldahl.
"The author writes clearly and well about geology, and has a knack for coming up with nifty analogies to explain geologic processes. The chapter titled Cordilleran Upheaval is great, like a crash course in how everything geologically from the Rockies to California came to be. The story of gold rush pioneers is told very well, with abundant first-hand quotations to explain what it was like to travel the "hard road west" in 1849. I came away thinking that the trip of the 49ers competes with Lewis and Clark as a great adventure story. The sections on the Great Plains and Rockies, and chapters on the Humboldt River, desert, and Sierra Nevada are terrific. Overall highly recommended for anyone interested in the gold rush or the American West".

Essentials of Geology (Third Edition)Essentials of Geology (Third Edition)by Stephen Marshak.
"Exactly what you need to know about geology as a beginner. It starts from the first moment of forming the universe excluding all the hypothesis, theories and reasons, then goes through formation of the earth. The writer took in account the level of the reader, no deep background required. What you know from high school is more than enough, and the book will take care of every thing else with very detailed explanation, nice discussed contexts, and illustrated with clear figures and photos. I recommend this to those who want to start geology."

That about covers it.

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